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About Us

David Henriksen started doing body work his sophomore year in high school. Before that, he spent a lot of time doing mechanical work with his father; Dave grew up doing ranch work on the farm and using hydrolics. After graduating from high school, Dave worked for a local parts store selling parts, dealing with customers, stocking and cleaning shop, and mixing auto body paint. Dave wanted to further his education of body work by attending SouthEast Tech, as the farm and ranch was too small to support two families.

During school he would work after hours selling parts and eventually, he was hired at a shop doing body work. He worked sometimes until midnight,  and would attend school at 7:30 AM the next morning!

Right out of school, Dave took a $7 / hour job with overtime hours for no overtime pay, but he was able to paint 2 to 3 cars a week. Instead of working for the pay, he worked for the knowledge  - knowing he could further himself more quickly to do what he REALLY wanted. His dream was to have his own shop.

David worked for 6+ years after attending school doing body work before he went onto his own endevors. He would work overtime many nights. When work was slow, he would put in 30 hour weekends, restoring wrecked cars for his own experience and profit.

At age 22, he had the opportunity to run his boss' shop for 2 weeks. He was able to get things done and ended up doing tow calls to keep busy, even though he had only run the wrecker once under supervision!

From age 25 to 27, Dave scrutinized every job and kept track of set ups, billing and schedules. When he went on his own, he was ready to outshine his competition in central South Dakota!  He had knowledge from the east that was years ahead of the local techniques.

Thanks to his father for renting his shop, and starting out with a gallon of clear and some tools, Henriksen Auto Body and Towing LLC has grown to a full-service Shop, offering bodywork, glass restoration,accessories, bedliners and towing services.  Angela started working full-time in the office in 2013, helping to schedule parts orders and do bookkeeping. Thanks to our repeat customers and word of mouth we hardly advertise, but we have been able to expand our business in Presho! We moved out of the country from a 50x50 shop, 40x18 shop and 40x40 cold storage, to 135x80 shop with the 40x18 shop being moved to the new location

Our shop is half done, but we wil push to have it finished next year and hope all of our customers will continue to support us. We appreciate all the work you’ve brought us and all the interest in seeing us succeed - we will continue to help the local small towns grow as well!

Angela and David Henriksen and Family


At Henriksen Auto Body and Towing LLC, we strive to do quality work in a timely fashion, and exceed our customers’ expectations visually, acoustically, and most importantly ethically. We are in business to make a profit, but we all work here, not for a job but, because its our passion. We want to show the American Dream does happen, and lead by example. We sleep at night knowing God would be ok with our business dealings past, present and future. We serve the area as far out as people want to travel, offering help with claims, questions, and even on repairs of there own. We give customers the chance to work beside us, to help out financially, and give them incite to the amount of physical labor and critical thinking body work entails.

We expect our employees to take pride in there work, and to treat customers with the upmost care and respect, and we ask that our customers return the respect back, as we are human also! We make sure customers know who did the quality work on there vehicle. We want our employees to gain recognition for the hard work they did and get credit for it!

Thank you to all customers past, present, and future!


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101 N. Main St.
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