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Auto Repair

Henriksen Auto Body LLC is a full-service preventive maintenance and auto repair shop. For years we have been performing high quality auto repairs in Presho, and we've built a reputation for hard work, honesty, and great customer service. When you bring your vehicle into Henriksen Auto Body LLC for repairs, you can be confident that you will be dealt with honestly and get excellent service at a fair price. If your car, truck, or other vehicle is in need of repair, major or minor, call us for an appointment today!


If you need an estimate, we can accomodate you. If you have an insurance job and don’t want to fix it yourself, we can help! We do charge for our time, but even at that we normally find damage adjusters have missed ~ especially on hail!

We prefer to meet at our shop, but if it's not urgent, we can meet in one of the surrounding towns, or always in Vivian before or after.

We also have a loaner vehicle if you need it. 


After hours: Dave's Cell (605)295-2590 & (605) 683-4999


WE have a full service glass set up. We can get 99% of glass next day! We wire cut around 80% of the vehicles glass now. Weve been using this method since 2015, and were one of the first shops to do so in the area, probably the first for that matter! It takes a little longer for us but you have no pinch weld damage, and a lot of the competition that knifes reverse moulding glass etc is leaving bare metal paint cut throughs or nasty primer lines. Weve had to repair a lot of peoples vehicles from this. Keeping ahead of the change with innovative tequniques and tools is top priority and the customer sees the results in there repairs!


We do all the paper work estimate and send in pictures for the customer when applicable. It is what most of the insurers are going to. We stand up for the customer with adjusters and push for the best repair possible, We treat your vehicle like we treat our favorite vehicles! We typically put oem parts on, but we are able to price match oem parts for the aftermarket price. We typically turn 3k jobs in 2 days or less, and 10k jobs in 5 or less if possible and if no additional damage is found. If the vehicle can sit we prefer to tear down on inspection to catch all damage, but if not we usuallt can get it wrote up well enough. Inner damage is where hold ups can arise. We can typically get parts in in 2 days to the door. Loaner vehicle is available


Best liner on the market! Dave has been applying them since 2005, and purchased the updated machine in 2012. We can install Reflex Bed liners on more than just pick ups. You can get them in black, or any other color with the color injection system, and the color is throughout. We spray double to material of most of our competition, at a minimum 5 gal per short box. The thicker the stronger on our projetcs.

Additional places reflex liner works well is deck floors, bathrooms, trailer floors, underneath and on top of restorations for protection, sound deadener, and for quick nice looking repairs in metal patch areas. Inside of speaker boxes, vehicle roofs, to simulate vynil tops, grain bin bottoms, post bottoms, anything u can think of! Reflex liners can be top coated with paint, and makes a neat color accent with the same color as on the vehicle! Reflex liner can be applied almost smooth to highly textured also


We do anything from small spot repairs, to full frame off rotisserie restorations. We have many examples of our work and usually have two to three in the shop at all times for inspection. WE can do everything from start to finish, to final sand and paint, to metal work. We have done around 20 full restorations since 2011 and Dave did many in the prior years to starting the shop. We will do as much or as little as you want of us, and thank you for keeping older vehicles on the road!

More Services:

  • Lock Outs
  • Tire Changes
  • Jump Starts
  • 24/7 Towing

We Sell:

  • Thunder Struck Bumpers
  • Grill guard's
  • Winches
  • B&W hitches
  • Accessories
  • Batteries


Locally, we cover Reliance, Kennebec, Presho, Vivian, Draper, Murdo, Oakaton, 1880 Town, and Kadoka. I-90 and South and North we cover, White River, Ft. Pierre, Pierre, Blunt, and Oneida. We will tow as far as you want us to, and also can do 200 mile plus one way tows.

Our tow trucks consist of a F-650 Medium Duty Rollback with winch out capabilities, and a wheel lift. A F-350 Light Duty Wrecker 4x4, with wheel dollies wheel lift, custom broken stud wheel holder and push bumper. We also have full motorcycle, 5th wheel, goose neck and bumper pull options.

We can tow or winch out cars, vans, pickups, some campers, some equipment. Give us a call and we can help you our, or if not well gladly help you find a solution! We do winch outs as well as unlocks, tire changes, fuel and jump starts.

We have a service trucks with unlock, fuel, air and tire changing setup. We also have a rental car available as well!


Your car does much more than get you from point A to point B. Your car has character – it has taken you on adventures both near and far; road trips, first dates, family vacations. Having something happen to your car can be nothing short of an absolute tragedy. We at Henriksen Auto Body LLC understand what a significant role your vehicle plays in your life and know how inconvenient it can be to be car-less. Rest assured, if you’ve recently been in a collision, our team is determined to restore your car back to its original, showroom condition with the utmost efficiency.


We’ve all been there. You park your car in a parking lot. You go run a quick errand and when you return you find that your car has been dented. If you’re lucky, there’s an apology note with contact information. If not, you’re left with a horrible pit of rage in your stomach, wondering what to do next.

We at Henriksen Auto Body LLC understand your frustration. Any dent, regardless of shape or size, can cause an understandable amount of aggravation. If your automobile has recently been dented, stay calm and collected, you’ve come to the right place. Our certified auto body technicians at Henriksen Auto Body LLC have helped a countless number of people in the Pierre area restore their vehicle back to its showroom condition in a timely, efficient, and affordable manner.


When you need your windshield repaired or replaced call Henriksen Auto Body LLC. Our automotive glass specialists have been helping customers in Presho and the surrounding areas with all their auto glass repair and replacement needs for many years. From small blemishes to serious cracks and chips, we promise to deliver prompt, reliable, and affordable service.


Henriksen Auto Body LLC is the premier service shop for brake repair and service in Presho. While it is very important to keep your entire vehicle in good repair, there is nothing more important to a driver’s peace of mind than knowing that their brakes are going to work properly when they need them to. Here at Henriksen Auto Body LLC, we are dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our Presho customers, using high quality factory parts, and with a quick turnaround on all brake repairs.

Please call us for an appointment if you require any of the following brake services:

Brake repairs

Brake pads


Brake Drum Maintenance


Here at Henriksen Auto Body LLC we know everything there is to know about proper tire servicing. Tires are one of the most neglected features of a car when it comes to maintenance, which is too bad because regular maintenance and inspection can save a lot of hassle down the road. To explain the services we perform and why they are important, we we'lll go through some commonly asked questions.


Here at Henriksen Auto Body LLC, we know how frustrating and alarming it can be to have your check engine light turn on, especially if your vehicle has an upcoming inspection. If you are having trouble with your vehicle, remain calm and collected, you’ve come to the right place! Henriksen Auto Body LLC has been providing auto repair needs for many years.

Vehicle inspection is right around the corner. You have nothing to worry about. Your car is running great and will pass inspection with flying colors. But then, suddenly, a rattling noise. Then a burning smell. Your check engine light goes on.


You’re planning a weekend getaway. The car is packed and everyone is in and ready to go. But, when you turn the key and try to put the car into gear, there is a grinding noise, and you realize that you’re not going anywhere.

When your car is not cooperating, the fun and exciting road trip that you’ve been planning can be ruined. Don’t risk the heartache and headache of your car breaking down before or during your trip. Call Henriksen Auto Body LLC. We promise to get you on the open road and keep you moving.

What are the signs that there is a problem with my auto transmission?

You don’t need to be a certified auto technician to determine that something has gone haywire with your transmission. There are a number of tell-tale signs that there could be something wrong.

Trouble shifting gears

Random gear shifts

Leaking fluid

Buzzing, whining, or grinding noises

Burning smell

If you are experiencing any of the signs of a looming transmission failure, bring your vehicle to Henriksen Auto Body LLC and allow one of our certified mechanics to assess the problem. Transmission problems can escalate quickly. Identifying and repairing your automotive transmission before matters get worse will save you a significant amount in repair costs.

Prompt, reliable auto transmission repairs in Pierre

Gone are the days of waiting weeks while your vehicle undergoes repairs. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and our expansive knowledge of old, new, foreign, and domestic vehicles, we can quickly locate the problem, determine the necessary repairs, and get your vehicle back on the road. You can depend on Henriksen Auto Body LLC for honest service and reasonable prices on every job we do.


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