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These are the parts made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.


These are often referred to as used parts as they come from salvaged vehicles. Salvage yards buy vehicles which have been severely damaged. They then inspect the vehicle for usable parts and remove and clean them. LKQ stands for Like Kind and Quality.


These are parts not made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. They are less expensive then OEM parts but may not have the same fit and functionality for your specific vehicle. That is why you need a quality auto technician who knows what will work well with your vehicle.


If the insurer or adjuster tells you this, it is called steering customers and is illegal. They do this verbally so they can get away with it. We will gladly work with your insurance company, and will work off others estimates. We will gladly discuss the estimates differences and may go with the others estimate or can do anything inbetween! It ultimately is up to you where you want to go in the end! Its your insurance company, your vehicle and your option for repair!


Everyone if there honest has had something act up in paint. We run axalta and nason clears, and the higher end clears have qualities exceeding oem requirements. Most of the clear peeling issues we run into are inferior clears being applied over base coat. Cheaper clears have no uv screeners and if theres not enough mills applied they peel when they sit out, I have an example on a shop line cleared hood on my 72 hi boy f250 my teacher in body school recommended the cheap clear on. Im not happy about it! Our value line nason clear doesn’t have all the uv screeners but I have not had a problem with there clears since using them since 2004. They don’t hold out quite as well for shine, but its comparable to oem, and work well for high milage vehicles and restorations that are drivers and get stored inside.


We have saved many windshields with a quarter size chip or smaller. We drill a hole through the first layer of as2 laminate glass, apply a solution, put pressure on it a few times, and then apply a final pressure step, followed by a uv cure. If you have a fresh chip they clear up the best, once dirt gets in there they don’t clear up nearly as well. If you get one and cannot get to us right away, put a piece of scotch tape over the chip to keep it dust free. If you have a larger than quarter size chip we can still fix it, but they typically only last a year or so depending how big it is. I did a large 3 x3 inch chip in 2012 and it lasted till mid 2013, but by then it had other chips as well. It still was worth the repair verses an additional windshield. We can fix cracks as well but it isn’t always a guarantee fix, if the very end isn’t drilled it will spread again. Weve done a fair amount of them, and people have been happy, but it’s a tough repair. We can get custom glass and mirrors cut, we can replace side mirror glass with aftermarket, we can get new glass in typically next day. WE do glass for automotive, camper, bus, tractor, and semis. We are competitive with the pierre area glass prices at a closer location!


Usually gaps are off from door getting caught in wind, frame issues, or aftermarket parts fitment. We can address any of these problems if theres a problem. Aftermarket parts have a point of no return, but sometimes a reem of a hole or a shim or a pull on a panel can correct it. Sometimes doors need a hinge pin a nd bushing kit or a hinge bent backwards. A good check for doors is to lift up and down on the outside. If theres play, it needs pins and bushings! If you let it get real bad, you have to have the hinges welded up, so don’t wait fix it while its cxheaper to fix!


If you have these defects, we can instead of panel repray touch up chips,and if the scratch cant be fingernailed, it can be buffed out. If it is fingernailable, it may be able to be wet sanded and buffed out, but theres a risk of cut through into base coat, so we typically don’t do this method and instead go to the repaint process. Touch ups can be mixed in house and provide a three foot away nice appreaance, upon close view you can see the touch up though. You can opt to have the touch ins wet sanded and buffed out of air brushed in, but at that point its more effective to repray again in my opinion.


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